Durian Chips x3

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Premium durian chips from Thailand .

  • 3 Bags of Durian chips (2.29281 ounce) (65 gram).

  • Free Shipping Around The World

  • Unsweetened, no sugar added
  • Low fat, Less oil
  • 100% from real durian
  • Very delicious

18 reviews for Durian Chips x3

  1. Quamar Hinton (verified owner)

    reasonable price. good taste . very addicted. take 10 days to ship to Australis. Don’t forget to review to get $5 discount coupon.

  2. Imelda Nixon (verified owner)

    Doesn’t taste like durian. It’s chips like lay it’s not freeze dried durian . My fault 🤨

  3. Beatrice Mckee (verified owner)

    Receive the product fast. Nice packaging. Taste so good everytime that I orde

  4. Carla Gamble (verified owner)

    Fasssssssst shipping . very cheap compare to those on amazon and ebay

  5. Keaton Andrews (verified owner)

    Good packaging and shipping so fast. There are some stuffs for free trial and they are sooooooo tasty. I can’t stop eating.

  6. Keane Wallace (verified owner)

    Just came here to get my discount coupon lol

  7. Colton Chaney (verified owner)


  8. Nayda Woods (verified owner)

    taste not good

  9. Gillian Montoya (verified owner)

    ! Must Eat
    I have two minions that roam around my house. After a day out learning, they constantly come back. They are ravenous, looking for feed, nothing will satisfy them and if I have nothing prepared they make these horrible groaning sounds and then choose to live the rest of the night in a land called Attitude.
    This chips here is my secret weapon. The groans are gone. The minions are happy. The land is at peace.

    Don’t let them know that sometimes I indulge in the box for myself.

  10. Lesley Rosario (verified owner)

    Delicious! Great quality and texture.

  11. Burton Sanders (verified owner)

    This stuff is as ADDICTING as “Crack”

  12. Thane Allison (verified owner)

    The Expiration date is only about 1 months after the delivery date. If I don’t eat these in the next one months or so they’ll go.

    I bought this as family snacks and they taste stalely.

    This is my kids’ favorite. It is nice to buy. However, the durian chips were stale a little bit.

  13. Curran Patel (verified owner)

    I recommand this shop. There is very nice packaging. Big pieces of chips! I order this second time and will be for next time absolutely!!!

  14. Nolan Moses (verified owner)

    It is worth the money. Amazing taste than I expected. Can’t stop eating!!

  15. Kim Rodriquez (verified owner)

    Size of chips is kinda variety but still great taste tho

  16. Anthony George (verified owner)

    These arrived in good condition, but they arrived too late. I bought them for a vacation. it had to be arrived at my place before I went. Very disappointed.

  17. Louis Wong (verified owner)

    Fast shippping, Great taste, don’t forget to review to get a discounttttt

  18. 念真 李 (verified owner)


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