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Durian Chips Recipe (Thai Durian Dessert)

Durians are Thai fruit. It may be rare to find in your Asian supermarket. They are large – around a pumpkin. 

Durian fruit

Durian chips (Durian tod) are made from unripe durian which is grated and fried in vegetable oil. Durian chips are so popular among east region countries such as Thailand, Singapore, China.

Golden Durian Chips
Durian Chips From Thailand

Durian chips are made from real durian like Lays which made from real potatoes so that durian chips are more expensive as compared to potato chips.

Durian chips are mostly the product of OTOP(One Tumbon One Product) which make new jobs to many villages. 

How to make durian chips
How to make Durian Chips

Ingredients of durian chips:

  1. 1 table spoon salt
  2. 2 lb unripe durian (grazed)
  3. 3 cups of vegetable oil

How to make durian chips:

  1. Peel a durian then graze durian into paper-thin slices.
  2. light up a frying pan then pour vegetable oil in.
  3. Use medium flame wait till oil ready. Fry the then durian slices and wait until durian chips darkened to gold or yellow.
  4. remove durian chips from pan. put durian chips on paper towels and wait till it dried.
  5. put some salt over the chips
  6. ENJOY